The New Wave of Online Video Slot Games

Girls-with-Guns-Frozen-Dawn-3aAs technology advances at the rate of a Formula 1 car, the latest safe online video slot games are becoming more and more impressive. The quality that they provide in both their appearance through supreme graphics, and the amount of bonus features that most offer now is very impressive. The games are generally a lot more interactive now and give the player many more decisions to make throughout the game, and many different ways for you to bump up your wins too.

When you look at new games such as the latest Girls with Guns – Frozen Dawn edition, you will see just how far things have come when compared to games that are now 2 or 3 years old. This is likely to continue to be the case, and you will likely see a progression in the quality and the sheer volume of excellent bonus features that can be programmed into any online slot game now.

These kind of games now provide a great deal of entertainment for the player, and the focus is on having fun. Of course this works well for the casino operators too, as the games will have players that want to stay and play them for long periods each time they use them, as they are that much fun to play now. They are very much like a video game that you would find on the latest PlayStation’s.

Do they cost more to play?

A lot of people think that because of the quality of the new video slot games that they will cost a lot more to play. This is not true, and while you bet a lot each spin if you wanted too, many of the games have a minimum bet of just $0.01, so you could really go easy on the money if you wanted too.

What you will find on most of these games is that they have a high number of paylines, with some of them having 243 different paylines. So you can either play 1 payline for just 1 penny if you wanted to go easy on the money, or you can play anywhere up to the maximum 243 paylines, with more played on each line. So the potential is there to bet a lot if you wanted too, but there is so much variance to cater for players of all levels.